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Business Profile for Aloha Rents Discount Hawaii Car Rental

We are aware that travelers are increasingly bombarded with a multitude of travel options when it comes to securing a rental car. Consumers must depend on car rental agencies to guide them through the process in a safe and honest manner. We pledge to conduct our business in a professional and ethical fashion. We will follow the core principles from our code of ethics on a day to day basis for the betterment of our vehicle rental customers. Want to learn more? Read this article, What is Ethics.

Our Code of Ethics

  1. Offer factual and accurate information when providing details about our services.
  2. Provide complete details about the cost, restrictions, terms and conditions, of our car rental service, including our no-charge cancellation policy.
  3. Share full details concerning our promotional offers, pricing and specials.
  4. Responsive and friendly customer service. Long-term goal to always protect consumers privacy.
  5. React in a timely manner to address any customer complaints or concerns.
  6. Comply with state laws and regulations in all countries and states in which we operate.
  7. Never allow our affiliation with our preferred partners supersede the interests of our customers.
  8. Maintain a frequently updated Privacy Policy.


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