Stephanie Hall
Rob was very helpful in response to my email with respect to rental car options in Kauai. He was responsive and provided sound advice. Good help is hard to find. He seems like a keeper for Management.”

C Raleigh
“Just wanted you to know your bus driver Tita Cory Kanekoa is a gem- fun, welcoming and helpful! Even if it was a short time on our vacation, it was memorable.”

I just wanted to thank you guys. I have used Aloha Rents for the last 3 visits in Oahu. Every time, I got a pretty good deal and I like your promptness of reservation. My friend introduced me to you and I am glad I found your service.


We’ve used your service in the past. This fall we once again rented from you. Picking up the Jeep was even quicker with the new tram.

Emma Mullis

Hey- Our Maui vacay turned out amazing! Our best day was driving and experiencing the road to Hana. We spent from sun-up to sundown exploring the area. So amazed. Beaches, overlooks, fruit stands, photo ops. The SUV we rented worked out well. Till nxt time :)

Syrah Robertson

Hi Kathy:

Your assistance has been fantastic. Thank you so much for handling my reservation as a two-step process to save my family valuable dollars over our ten day stay.

We are so excited to see Kauai once again and your help is making the trip that much more special and it hasn’t even begun yet!

Best wishes for a wonderful day,


Aloha! I work at Aloha Rents Cars in Hawaii. I’m going to share a top money-saving Hawaii car rental tip in this review (biased, of course.)

We like to use our company to rent a vehicle when traveling to Maui, Hawaii and did so on a recent 8 day family excursion. I had booked a 4 door Jeep rental for the mid-October trip about 4 months ahead of time. The 1st rental I reserved was for $817.26. I came back to every 1-2 weeks to check rates for my travel times. If the rate was lower, I would reserve the lower priced Jeep and cancel my previous reservation. The term for this process is Re-Booking. I rebooked 5 times before my trip and obtained a final rate of $459.01. This final discount rate was found 5 weeks before the travel dates in October.

In conclusion, re-booking saved me $358.25 over the span of about 3 months by reserving cheaper Jeeps and canceling earlier reservations made on Aloha Rents Cars in Hawaii.

Rob H.

We rented for 6 days on Maui and stayed at Kihei. Noticed a sound coming from front right of jeep we rented after a few days. I called Hawaii car rentals and they told me to take the jeep back to Avis. They were expecting me at the rental lot and the exchange for a new Jeep went smoothly. BTW- Avis threw in a free tank of gas. Thx

John Parsons

We have had to rent from Alamo on Nimitz Hwy. 6 times within the last year due to medical reason for our daughter and all the associates have been amazing! 3 associates I would like to mention are Sammy, Nicole and Allison. They have all accommodated are needs and have made us feel like family! Big Mahalo’s and keep up spreading the ALOHA!!!! Team Cabingas

Cabingas Ohana

Our last drive was the best she really had her Aloha! Our car was great for our three week stay we gave her a work out and drove 2,230 miles while on the Big island of Hawaii! So Mahalo for helping in a wonderful stay!

Amber C

Aloha! We picked our car up almost an hour late. Was not a problem. Many thanks to Jeff, who helped us get our van. Super trip. Will rent again.


James Reed

Our overnight trip in Kona was very enjoyable and Alamo Rent made it more enjoyable by its friendly office staff and bus driver (Corey) She has the true aloha spirit. Your manager, Jordan, is very kind and makes us feel very special. Congratulations for another good job in making us feel right at home!



Just wanted you to know your bus driver Tita Cory Kanekoa is a gem- fun, welcoming and helpful! Even if it was a short time on our vacation, it was memorable.

C Raleigh

We were in Oahu for 2 weeks and only rented a car for 1 of the weeks and then called and asked about the cost for another week and it was going to be way more than we could pay so we drove the car back to turn in. At our arrival Kathleen waited on us and we told her our story and she said “let me see what I can do” and was able to match the price we had previously paid. Kathleen was very kind, helpful and courteous. We felt pretty blessed. Thank you Kathleen for your kind help you were awesome.

T Crane

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