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Contact Information

We currently have 15 rental locations throughout the Islands. Visit one of our rental counters or book-online and reserve your car today. Aloha Rents Hawaii Car Rental is a member of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Please read the information below before contacting us

  • Your personal emails are very appreciated, but if you are interested in renting a car from us, personal vehicle-request emails will pass three desks before they reach their destination for potential processing. The forwarding can delay our response to you by a day or more. In addition, your email may lack details we need to process your request. We ask for the most basic, yet necessary, information on our request form or instant car rental form.

  • Before you take time to email us for a rental, know that we’ll probably have to contact you to ask for a completed reservations form.

  • We never ask for obligation or payment information, so if you don't use it, simply ignore or reply to cancel the reservation we send you.
  • If you are simply looking for typical rental rates for vehicles in the Hawaiian Islands, visit our rates page. While our rates don't include all local taxes and airport fees, they are what most rental websites post, so will give you an accurate base rate vehicle rental price.

  • We thank you for taking time to read this. Our busy reservations specialists also thank you. Mahalo.

Email our staff at the following address information@aloharents.com with your questions and concerns. You can also contact us by calling the toll-free number listed below.

Questions: information@aloharents.com
General Information: main.office@aloharents.com
Accounting Department: accounting.dept@aloharents.com

Customer Service Phone Number:
Reservations: (888) 538-6770

Hours of Operation:
Our reservation staff works at processing requests 24 Hrs. per day.
We are available by phone during the hours listed below (PST).

The current time at our reservations desk is:

Mon: 4:00am 11:00pm
Tue: 4:00am 11:00pm
Wed: 4:00am 11:00pm
Thu: 4:00am 11:00pm
Fri: 4:00am 11:00pm
Sat: 4:00am 11:00pm
Sun: 4:00am 11:00pm

Book now and pay later. You will never incur a cancellation fee with our service, even if your plans change. Let us provide you wit a quality vehicle at an affordable rate for your next visit to the Hawaiian Islands.

It's your vacation, have fun!


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