Molokai - Hawaiian by Nature

Aloha! When you’re looking for that “lost island traditions” feeling, Molokai is hard to beat. With a smaller permanent and friendly resident population, as well as fewer visitors, you’ll be able to step back in time to explore the unspoiled beaches, less-traveled roads, and slower pace, all set in the quiet beauty of this island paradise. You’ll find that shopping is local. Buildings seem no taller than the palm trees that surround them. Distances are shorter and the airport is only six miles from the town of Kaunakakai.

Molokai airport aerial

You can fly from Maui and Oahu to Molokai-MKK via the islands’ commuter plane company. The Lahaina to Kaunakakai Harbor ferry is permanently closed for visitors coming from Maui.

Our rental cars are available at MKK, the Molokai airport. To take full advantage of the island, we suggest you rent a Jeep. The Nature Conservancy maintains remote preserves, only reached via a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The top speed on Molokai is 45 mph. It can easily take 1 ½ hrs. to drive from one end of the island to the other. You’ll want to be on your best driving behavior here. Drivers must be courteous and give way to pedestrians and other drivers.

The beaches of Molokai are in three island areas: West End, Central, and East End. Waves, current, and undertow vary by season, so know when it’s safe to go in the water. If the ocean is deserted, you may want to stay back from the waves. But, whether you surf, snorkel or want to walk the shore, Molokai offers beautiful beaches with few people. Scuba, fishing and whale watching are all possible options here, too.

We hope you’ll want to spend a few days in Molokai. This is not a one-day stopover. Our rental cars cost a bit more than those we offer on the larger Hawaiian islands. Still, you’ll make up the difference by saving on less expensive Molokai lodging and experiencing an island like none other. To save even more, there are several permitted camping locations on Molokai.

Your vacation dollars go much farther on this island than a standard Hawaii car rental. Instead of being tempted by endless trinket shops, you can visit the local Molokai shops, artists, and crafters for unique gifts and memories to take home. Everything is easily reached here, so on Molokai; you’ll want to make your own plumeria lei, take in a sunset, mail off a coconut, golf, and learn about the mac-nut industry. Or, do nothing.

We aim to offer you the best online price for a car rental on Molokai (view Molokai car rental rates). Your personal payment information is taken care of when you arrive to pick up your vehicle at MKK– never requested on our website. We’ll never keep or use any of the information you provide us in the future. And, if your plans change at any time before you pick up your car, you are free to re-arrange them or cancel without a charge or obligation on your part.

We wish you a relaxing stay on Molokai and hope you’ll enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this pristine island that the hustle and bustle that modern life have forgotten.