Everything You Need to Know About Your Jeep Rental’s Removable Top

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Removable tops are not available on all our two and four-door Jeep rentals. We created an animation to show how the driver and passenger freedom top panels are removed (no tools necessary). They are a fun bonus for those who want to smell the salt air and feel island breezes in their hair. Whether your Jeep rental comes with a soft top, or, more likely a Jeep with removable hard top panels, we want you to know what to expect should you decide to detach the Jeep’s top. From listing your responsibilities to helpful video guides, we hope this page gives you the information and confidence to fully utilize your rental Jeep with the top on, or off.

  • Understand how the Jeep’s top is properly removed before you begin tugging at zippers and latches. See videos below.
  • Know the weather forecast before you head out with top removed. A rain-soaked Jeep is neither comfortable, nor a welcome sight at the rental return desk, and could cost you a damage fee.
  • Once taken off, please store your removable top inside your lodgings to avoid damage to it, or its theft.
  • Don’t leave anything in your Jeep. Like all vehicles parked in tourist areas, Jeeps are not secure & are prone to break-ins.
  • The Jeep experience is unique. They have a higher clearance and stiffer suspension. For the adventurous who want to feel a part of the tropical environs, a Jeep is the perfect rental!
  • Jeeps get a workout in Hawaii. Yours might smell a bit like sea water and will offer a rigid, non-luxury ride. If you are disappointed to read this, we bet you’d prefer to rent a clean, more comfortable convertible. (similarly priced)
  • Jeep luggage space is limited (2 door), so travel light. The 4 door Jeep can accommodate additional luggage and surf boards, dive equipment, boogie board, camera tripods.
  • At the end of your vacation, avoid additional fees. Reserve time to properly reattach the removable top to your rental Jeep. This is a no-excuses requirement of all our national rental companies.

One of our most popular rentals in the Hawaiian Islands is the Jeep. We can appreciate this. We have owned a 2-door Jeep Wrangler– and currently drive a 4-door Jeep Unlimited Rubicon. Experience has taught us that removing the top is a step-by-step process, best done in the correct order.

2 Door Jeep Wrangler soft-top removal

4 Door Jeep Unlimited top panel removal

If these (articles above) confuse you, we’re told that the occasional customer has asked counter personnel to demonstrate Jeep top removal and replacement. We recommend you use their services as a last resort as the counters are often too busy for the staff to handle extra requests.