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Smartphones Apps Help You Get Around Hawaii

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Please Note: Driving while text messaging, holding, and using handheld electronic devices are illegal in Hawaii. So, let your passengers be responsible for the research we suggest here, pull over, or make your plans prior to driving yourself.

You should definitely take full advantage of your rental car. There are some great smartphone apps available that can make your vacation, and the accompanying driving in Hawaii, even better. We’ve listed the favorites we take advantage of when we travel. While we have company iPhones, these apps are generally available for all smartphones.

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 Find a nearby gas station and the best priced gas for your rental?

GasBuddy will help you out. Hands down, it’s the favorite gas app available. The app is current, and it’s free.

 No GPS available for your rental car?

Google Maps is your portable answer to finding your way. Downloadable for free, Google Maps is also hands-free. It loads quickly and works like GPS, providing a voice to its turn-by-turn directions. iPhone 5 users, or those who use an aging GPS, will appreciate its accuracy.

 Want to find a good island restaurant?

Many of you probably have used Yelp on your home computer to help you decide on a restaurant. Now, try the free Yelp app. while you travel. Reviews tend to be accurate, and you can find hours, cuisine styles and price ranges that will please your vacation mood.

The OpenTable free app allows you to make reservations from your smartphone. To be listed, restaurants need to apply for inclusion, so not all restaurants are included. For example, we recently found our favorite Poipu Kauai restaurant listed there but noticed that another similar one that’s located nearby is not in the listings.

 Are there good weather apps that I can use in Hawaii?

A great, and free, Weather Underground app, is available for your Android or iPhone. Wunderground, as it’s popularly known, provides today’s and the week’s weather in Hawaii and around the world.

The Weather Channel’s free app is available for a wide variety of smartphones and additionally provides airport delay reports.

Whatever you do, have fun on your Hawaiian Island vacation. It’s nice to put your electronic devices away when you’re relaxing. But, have apps at the ready– those that will enhance your vacation, make your travels simpler and ones that find ways to make necessary tasks quicker.